About Us

Founded in 2012, QHD Connect started as an online platform to overcome the challenges for people, groups and businesses to make connections and share resources. QHD Connect is a Certified Woman Owned Small Business that strives to provide education, training, and recruitment solutions for businesses and professionals that foster growth, creativity, and innovation.

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Our mission is to connect customers to resources, education, and highly qualified professionals that spur innovations and embolden their company's vision.


QHD Connect strives to deliver a superior professional experience, intentionally united by a desire to uphold and demonstrate our core values in everything we do:

Communication.  We seek to understand the perspectives and specific needs of every customer.  We promise to listen intently, speak honestly, and practice appropriate discretion in all interactions.

Respect.  We will be open-minded and forthright with our customers and practice sensitivity and tolerance in all our interactions.

Innovation.  We know creativity flourishes when it is emboldened to be adventurous, daring, and open-minded. Our team seeks solutions that are not limited by the status quo,  but challenged to deliver fresh, inspired ideas.

Passion.  We think people thrive when they find meaning and joy in their work. We take pride in the work we do and endeavour to connect individuals with careers and ideas that inspire them.

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Hi, Iā€™m Amanda, the Founder and Owner Of QHD Connect.

When I started QHD Connect I was a new mother to my one year old daughter, growing a small family farm, and gearing up to return to my career in Education. I wanted to make connections and was dreaming of a way to help professionals and parents like me navigate the job market. I was, and continue to be, a firm believer that with hard work (and a good wi-fi connection) I could accomplish my goals and balance motherhood with a successful career. QHD was my answer and my inspiration. I get to connect individuals to companies that inspire them, businesses to educational resources, and ultimately, people to passions. I have true passion for what I do and hope to help others find that too.